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History of Bayview Cemetery, Crematory & Mausoleum

 Bayview Cemetery, Crematory and Mausoleum was once an amusement park, named, "Bay View Park". 
 The amusement park had a roller skating rink, a concert theatre, ball park, hotel, a hand cranked merry-go round, and  many other attractions.

Bay View Hotel in the 1800's  Bay View Hotel in the 1800's

Hamiltonian's, young and old traveled across the Burlington Bay on Steamboats named "Lillie and Maggie" to enjoy the park. There was skating and dancing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. 

By 1889, the hotel was a social hub. It became a place where the city frolicked and had fun. Entertainment at the park included a billiards and dancing in the ballroom. The ballroom had a house piano and at least one house band. Visitors could eat and drink at the bar, restaurant or ice cream parlour.

Bay View Park was abandoned by the early 1900's and at that time, there was a shift in church and municipality owned cemeteries to company and private family owned and operated cemeteries.

Around this time a company called Canada Mausoleums Corporation brought the European option of mausoleum entombment in crypts to Ontario by building a few key mausoleums throughout the province. One of the five was Bayview Mausoleum established on the land that Bay View Park stood for many years.

Advertisement placed in the Hamilton Spectator on October 16, 1926 for Hamilton Mausoleum
Advertisement placed in the Hamilton Spectator on October 16, 1926 for Hamilton Mausoleum
The establishment of the mausoleum brought the European practice of crypt burial (entombment) to Ontario's funeral rites.Crypt burial became a popular choice and most major North American cities had community mausoleums by the early 1900's. These mausoleums were grandly built with classical architectural detail.
Situated on the east side of Burlington Bay with views of the Hamilton Bay and the horizon of Lake Ontario, Hamilton Mausoleum (now known as Bayview Cemetery) was no different. Bayview's entrance of massive brass doors flanked by Greco-Roman pillars leading into a beautiful art-deco chapel is still in use to this day.
Materials used in construction and decoration of Bayview were sourced in Canada. Marbles came from Canadian quarries in Philipsburg,
Quebec, while the main walls of the building are of Queenston sandstone. The central features of the mausoleum are the original stained-glass windows designed and created by JJ Blomfield.
Bayview Cemetery, Crematory & Mausoleum is open to the public 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm. If interested in learning more about our available options call 905-522-5466.


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