For the Love of February

It's February - the month of hearts, roses and romance. Everywhere you turn, it seems that love is in the air. But for those who have lost someone dear to them, it can be a painful reminder that triggers renewed grief.

Help is available. If you or someone you know would benefit from bereavement support, it’s just a phone call away. Friends in Grief, a service of Bay Gardens Funeral Home, offers support groups throughout the year with trained facilitators. Call them today at (905) 318-0059 and ask how they can help.

Community Engagement

February celebrates the 20th anniversary of Black History Month and we are proud to support the John C. Holland Awards in Hamilton on February 6th. These awards were established to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our community, with a particular focus on the contributions of African Canadians to the social, economic, and cultural life of our entire city. Congratulations to all nominees and recipients!

New Year, Lower Prices!

Money. It’s a part of life and often a topic you don’t want to discuss. Let’s face it, most businesses use the start of each year to raise prices. That’s why we decided to reduce ours. You have to shop around enough in life as it is; we want to make funeral planning as simple as possible. That’s why Bay Gardens is proud to be the lowest priced full service funeral provider in Burlington. Speak to a licensed funeral director today at (905) 527-0405 for more information.

Dates to Remember

February 23rd - We are proud to sponser The Living Rock's Soupfest this year. Soup fest is a community celebration where over 25 quality area restaurants compete for Best Soup, Most Creative Soup, Best Display and the Best Grow Local categoriy. Come and say hello to our volunteers.

February 27th - Bereaved Families of Ontario - South Central Region presents the Ultimate Chef Competition. Join Bay Gardens Funeral Home and Bayview Cemetery, Crematory & Mausoleum as sponsers and participants at this wonderful event for a worthy cause. Meet our own chef in the competition, Varinder Virdi, as he prepares some delicious food. Join us to vote for your top chef!


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